You breach the law if you do not have a physical security risk assessment by December 31, 2015, according to the Government Decision no. 877/ 15.10.2014.

The physical security risk analysis ensures the identification of vulnerabilities, risks, the determination of the exposure level to physical security incidents and indicates the protection measures needed for the optimal development of your company’s activity.

The Appraisals Consulting Division has a solid experience in the execution of physical security risk assessment works, being registered with RNERSF (National Register of Physical Security Risk Assessors) under number 664.

Until now we have performed hundreds of works of this type – physical security risk assessment, for various objectives, private or public companies: regular trading agents, banks, institutions etc.

We make any type of physical security risk assessment quickly and professionally.  

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We provide physical security assessment services regardless of the location of objectives in the country

A physical security risk assessment will be the grounds for adopting security measures for the objectives, goods and values stipulated by the law and shall be transposed in the security plan and the alarm system project.

The physical security risk analysis is not a substitute and is not substituted by the security plan and by the intervention plan.

To draw up a physical security risk assessment, a physical security risk assessor takes into account the provisions of the national or European standards regarding risk management and assessment techniques.

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The physical security risk analysis is drawn up according to Instructions no. 9/2013 of the Ministry of AdministrationRisc cuburi and the Interior published in the Official Gazette, Part I no. 164 of 27/03/2013, by the experts registered in RNERSF (National Register of Physical Security Risk Assessors).

The practical application of the risk management process of the organization in the field of security is found in the measures set forth in a physical security risk assessment.

The physical security risk assessment is part of the strategy of safety of the Client’s sites, for increasing the operating safety and preventing the criminal activities aiming at the current objectives and activity.

The physical security risk assessment is a medium-term planning document that assesses the current safety state and risk factors, draws up the principles and priority actions, establishes the necessary resources for maintaining the safety, ensures the protection of objectives and of the related activity.

Starting from 01.01.2016, the Romanian Police will apply fines to all economic agents that cannot present a physical security risk assessment.

risc zoomIn accordance with risk if yes or notInstructions no. 9/2013 on making a physical security risk assessment work for the units subject to Law no. 333/2003, republished and updated regarding the security of objectives, goods, values and the protection of persons (In accordance with the provisions of the SR ISO IEC 31000 standard), the stages that must be followed for risk management are:

  • Establishing the context;
  • Assessing the risks;
  • Risk treatment proposals.

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